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An all-inclusive equine veterinary practice with an emphasis on dentistry, Dr. Jack Easley and Associates serve the Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana geographical areas. Dental care (routine and advanced) provided by qualified equine veterinarians is a primary focus of this practice. Referrals and consultations are received daily via farm visits, email, telephone communications and admissions of patients to our facility in Shelbyville, KY, for care.

Our goal is to provide personal attention while educating horsemen(women) in the care of the “whole horse”.  An oral examination should be the first step to a thorough physical examination. Ask a veterinarian to provide services and become knowledgeable about diseases before they become not only costly but detrimental to your horse. We want to provide clients, horse owners and veterinarians with up-to-date information regarding preventative dental care, diagnosis of disease and treatment options.