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Equine Dentistry Continuing Education

Dr. Easley has had numerous lecture/wetlab engagements over the summer, the most intensive being the AAEP Equine Dentistry 360 (Seeing Dentistry in a New Light) at Texas A & M, College Station, TX.  Drs. Easley and other noted equine dental practitioners devoted 4 full days (and evenings!) to educating colleagues in the most current dental techniques, advances in equine dentistry research, and other applicable topics related to equine dentistry.  Many thanks to the A & M organizers–especially Dr. Cleet Griffin who made this important venue available to the AAEP and participants.

In July, Dr. Easley traveled to Bristol, England, to join Drs. Henry Tremaine, Paddy Dixon and other international colleagues to teach the BEVA Advanced Dentistry Course of 2012.  In addition to the 2-day program and wet lab, there was an Equine Dentistry Research Forum–a day devoted to the latest research involving equine dentistry.  Topics included but were not limited to Periodontal disease and management, Endodontics and restorative techniques, Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction technique, and Imaging in dentistry.  Thanks British Equine Veterinary Association for organizing and having such a successful program for your practitioners and researchers.

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