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Books and DVDs

Jack Easley, DVM, has created (or helped to create) a variety of educational materials over the years. You can find some of Jack’s work below.

VideoVet Equine Dentistry

VideoVet Equine Dentistry (DVD) – A DVD/CD combo that introduces complete oral and dental examination. A pre-sedation evaluation is described followed by a detailed description of equipment necessary to perform the examination. Techniques used to perform a safe and complete intra-oral examination are described and illustrated. The author’s preferred technique for floating teeth is illustrated in the live horse and for a better view of the exact procedure the technique is repeated on an equine skull.

This DVD is a must for practicing veterinarians that perform dental exams and procedures on a relatively routine basis.

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Advances in Equine DentistryAdvances in Equine Dentistry – (Book) – Edited by Jack Easley, this book seeks to raise the level of discourse in the veterinary world surrounding equine dentistry.

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