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Equine Dentistry at Caledon Equine, Canada

Dr. Easley recently visited Caldeon Equine Hospital in Caledon, CANADA, to consult and work with equine surgeon Dr. Bruce Watt.  Dr. Elfriede Rosskopf joined the team at Caldeon and extractions and sinus surgeries were performed on several horses.  Thank you Dr. Watt and staff members at Caledon for your professional expertise and great Canadian Hospitality!

Equine Dentistry: An Interview with Dr. Jack Easley

The Equine Solution, a quarterly magazine published by Butler Schein Animal Health, contains an interview with Dr. Easley regarding equine dentistry.  Dr. Easley shares his views on equine dentistry of the past, present and future.  Go to for access to this interview as well as other timely equine related articles.

Equine Dentistry Focus 2011–A Success!

The AAEP 2011 Equine Dentistry Focus in Albuquerque, NM, September 18-20 was attended by over 200 equine veterinary practitioners worldwide.  Keynote speakers were Drs. Paddy Dixon and Carsten Staszyk.  Other equine practitioners with a practice focus on dentistry presented lectures ranging from basic dentistry to oral/dental research.   Dr. Easley presented lectures on oral endoscopy, oral examination, oral extractions, deciduous tooth management, simple extraction technqiues, periodontal disease and cheek tooth repulsion.  Drs. Jack Easley, Stephen Galloway,Robert Baratt, Jennifer Rawlinson, Carsten Staszyk and Paddy Dixon served on a question and answer panel the final day, bringing to an end a very successful and informative continuing education program on equine dentistry.

Don’t Forget the Focus on Equine Dentistry!

The AAEP Focus on Dentistry for veterinarians will be held at the Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, NM, September 18-20, 2011. 

Equine dentistry continues to be one of the fastest-growing service areas for equine veterinarians.  With horses today living longer, it’s important to perform effective diagnostic procedures and treatments for dental conditions. 

The 3-day Focus will offer both clinical and research based tracts in dentistry evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Jack Easley joins a worldwide team of clinicians and researchers in presenting in-depth CE on equine dentistry. Topics range from developing a detnal practice, establishing fees for dental services, oral endoscopy, extractions, periodontal disease, oral examination, orthodontics, endodontics, sinus diseases to name just a few.

It’s still not too late to register and attend.  Contact the AAEP office or online at for further details.

Did You Know Parrot Mouth and Wry Nose…

… can be corrected?  Orthodontic treatment not unlike that used on young children is utilized to treat parrot mouth (overbite) and wry nose (deviated nose). 

Both conditions are congenital dental and cranio-facial deformities.  In the case of parrot mouth, the reason for correction is to realign the facial bones and teeth so that the foal can grow, develop and have more normal tooth alignment.  The parrot mouth condition worsens with no attention as the upper incisor teeth in front of the lowers drop down with jaw growth.  The cheek teeth develop wear abnormalities and elongations put stress on the facial bones, pushing the lower jaw backwards, exacerbating the severity of the problem. 

Orthodontic correction is a very slow process that involves retarding growth of the upper jaw while stimulating growth of the lower jaw.  Correction should be undertaken in foals less than six months of age for optimal benefit.   Cosmetic appearance is not the goal–but a functional healthy mouth and mastication apparatus.

Dr. Easley is currently working with Dr. Ernest Bailey in the Genome Laboratory, Gluck Equine Center, Unversity of Kentucky.  Collection of hair follicle samples from parrot mouth foals for DNA analysis will hopefully identify the genetic cause of this complex congenital defect. 

If you have a parrot mouth foal you would like evaluated, please contact this office.  If you have an older parrot mouth horse and are interested in participating in the study mentioned above (no cost to you), let us know and we will make arrangements to collect a hair sample.

Correction of wry nose  is a far more complicated procedure and very costly. See The Story of Jack ( for photos and progress of a surgery performed on a wry nose foal in November 2010 at Equine Medical Center of Ocala.   Drs. Jack Easley, Jeremiah Easley, Jim Schumacher and Aric Adams comprised the surgical team who performed a 6 hour surgery on “Jack” to correct his wry nose.   “Jack” is now living a functional and healthy life.

Equine Dentistry, 3rd edition

The new edition of this popular textbook resource represents a total revision of previous content and provides the reader with state-of-the-art knowledge of equine dentistry.  Jack Easley is joined by James Schumacher and Padraic Dixon–both of international repute, as the editorial team.  The 3rd edition contains many new contributions from a total of 27  international equine dental experts.  There are 7 new chapters reflecting major advances in dental anatomy and disease.  Extensive color illustrations and figures aid readers in step-by-step guidance through oral and dental procedures.  Other chapters include advances in analgesia, anesthesia, diagnostic imaging and dental surgery.  A new DVD provides visual as well as vocal guidance to techniques of equine dental examination and prophylactic treatment. 

This textbook can be ordered online from Saunders Elsevier at

Equine Dentistry 2011 Conference in Australia

Dr. Easley just returned from two weeks “Down Under” in Australia where he presented over 26 hours of  lectures including basic dentistry, head trauma, periodontal disease,  extractions, orthodontics–just to name a few.  Dr. Jeremiah Easley accompanied him and spoke on radiology and imaging techniques.  Equine Veterinary and Dental Services 2011 Equine Dentistry Conference was hosted by Drs. Oliver Liyou, Gill Scroxton and Ben Skyes.  Other guest speakers included Drs. Oliver Liyou, Gary Wilson and Shannon Lee–all well known for their practical and educational lead efforts in training equine veterinarians in dentistry.  The 7 day program was followed by two days of dental web lab at Dr. Liyou’s clinic in South Grafton, NSW.  Participants numbered over 45 and were veterinarians from various countries.

Continuing Education Opportunity in December 2011

Dr. Easley will be presenting a one-day short course with Drs. Jim Schumacher (U of TN) and Dr. Ruedi Steiger (SwissVET).  “Equine Power Dentistry”, a basic course, will take place December 8, 2011 in Knoxville, TN.  Registration is limited.  Make arrangements to attend.  Contact information:  Swissvet Veterinary Products 877-794-7735 or  See more information under Veterinary Education within this website.

AAEP Focus on Dentistry

The AAEP “Focus on Dentistry” will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 18-20, 2011.  Equine dentistry is one of the fastest growing service areas for equine veterinarians.  This 3-day continuing education program will focus on clinical and research-based tracts in dentistry evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.  Keynote speakers include Dr. Padraic Dixon from Edinburgh, Scotland and Dr. Carsten Staszyk from Germany. 

Dr. Easley will be presenting lectures on Oral Examination, Deciduous Tooth Management, Simple Extractions, Periodontal Disease:  A North American Perspective, Cheek Tooth Repulsion and Applied Bitting to Dental Disease.  He will also serve on a Q and A panel with several other noted equine dental veterinary colleagues. 

For more information, check the AAEP link in this website under Helpful Links.

Equine Dentistry in Australia

Equine dentistry is being taught throughout the world, particularly “down under”.  Dr. Oliver Liyou of Equine Veterinary and Dental Services, will host “Equine Dentistry–How To and What’s New?”  Over 50 hours of lectures and wet labs will be presented by Drs. Oliver Liyou and Jack Easley and Professor Gary Wilson.  Topics range from anatomy and physiology of mastication to performance dentistry, radiology, extraction techniques and orthodontics.  Any interested parties should contact Dr. Liyou, NSW, Australia via the internet.