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Dr. Easley will work with Animal Health International to provide continuing educational opportunities for veterinarians in the coming months.  Equine dentistry courses–lectures and labs, basic and advanced will be scheduled throughout the United States at 3-4 month intervals.  Please contact this office for more information.  Dates and course sites will be posted after the first of 2014.

Equine Dentistry, Fall 2013

It’s been an extremely busy summer and fall for Equine Dentistry!  The AAEP Focus on Dentistry took place in Charlotte, NC, and was well attended by equine practitioners all over the world.  New evidence-based material was presented to enthusiastic veterinarians looking to develop an interest in dentistry and those wanting to increase their knowledge to offer more services within their practices.

Dr. Easley has had a busy fall with offering continuing educational lectures and wet labs in Mexico and at Auburn.  In September, he lectured at the British Equine Veterinary Association Symposium. He joined his friend and colleague, Dr. Paddy Dixon for several lectures.  Dr. Dixon was honored by giving the Keynote Address for this year’s BEVA Conference in Manchester, England.  Additionally, Dr. Easley is partnering with Animal Health International to provide various short courses throughout the US on Equine Dentistry.

Colorado State University Equine Symposium

Drs. Jack Easley and Jim Schumacher will be the guest speakers for the CSU SCAAEP Equine Symposium March 9-10, 2013 in Ft. Collins.  The Student Chapter will host this CE for veterinarians and education opportunity for veterinary students.  This year’s focus is the equine head, emergency field medicine and alternative medicine/rehabilitation.  There will be a wet lab designed for attention to dentistry and surgical approaches to the equine head.  Additionally, there will be an interactive case discussion session highlighting particular equine cases.

Contact our office or CSU SCAAEP President Marianne Marshall via email for further information.

AAEP Annual Conference December 2012

The AAEP Annual Conference was held December 1-5, 2012, in Anaheim, CA with an plethora of interesting and insightful topics, roundtables, and lectures.  Equine veterinarians from around the world attended lectures ranging from business topics to ambulatory practice tips, medicine, surgery…and of course, Dentistry!  Dr. Easley joined Drs. Jennifer Rawlinson and Ed Early to present not only formal lectures during the 4 days but an Advanced Dentistry Dry Lab on Extractions.

Visit the AAEP website for downloading lectures of all topics.  They are available.

Many thanks to the AAEP staff and veterinary board organizers for a successful conference.  See  you in Nashville December 2013!

Upcoming Equine Veterinary Dental Continuing Education Opportunities

Upcoming fall and winter events of individual lectures and/or whole programs/wetlabs relating to Equine Dentistry are:

Portland Oregon Area Equine Veterinary Practitioners meeting in October

The Veterinary Dental Forum, Seattle, WA in October

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Baltimore, MD in November

The Florida Association of Equine Practitioners, Equine Dental Wetlab and lectures, November

The American College of Veterinary Practitioners, Anaheim, CA, December

If you are interested in attending any of these programs, contact the coordinators for each event or email this practice and we will forward more information.  Keep educated!


Equine Dentistry Continuing Education

Dr. Easley has had numerous lecture/wetlab engagements over the summer, the most intensive being the AAEP Equine Dentistry 360 (Seeing Dentistry in a New Light) at Texas A & M, College Station, TX.  Drs. Easley and other noted equine dental practitioners devoted 4 full days (and evenings!) to educating colleagues in the most current dental techniques, advances in equine dentistry research, and other applicable topics related to equine dentistry.  Many thanks to the A & M organizers–especially Dr. Cleet Griffin who made this important venue available to the AAEP and participants.

In July, Dr. Easley traveled to Bristol, England, to join Drs. Henry Tremaine, Paddy Dixon and other international colleagues to teach the BEVA Advanced Dentistry Course of 2012.  In addition to the 2-day program and wet lab, there was an Equine Dentistry Research Forum–a day devoted to the latest research involving equine dentistry.  Topics included but were not limited to Periodontal disease and management, Endodontics and restorative techniques, Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction technique, and Imaging in dentistry.  Thanks British Equine Veterinary Association for organizing and having such a successful program for your practitioners and researchers.

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Congratulations, Dr. Easley!

Dr. Jeremiah Easley, son of Jack and surgical consultant for this practice, recently passed his surgery boards and is credentialed through the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.  Dr. Easley is currently serving as Assistant Director of the Preclinical Surgical Research Laboratory associated with Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ft. Collins, CO.

Congratulations, Jeremiah!


Dr. Easley recently returned from teaching an Advanced Equine Dental course at the University of Bristol, England.  The course including lectures and a wet lab was held at the veterinary school and hosted by the British Equine Veterinary Association.  The two day course was followed by a Research Day with papers presented of new research involving dentistry, the oral cavity and sinuses.  Colleagues from around the world taught the course as well as participated in the programs.

For more information on upcoming equine dental events, please check the websites of BEVA and the AAEP.