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This website was developed not only as a marketing tool but to place added emphasis on the educational components involved with horse care–particualry dentistry.  The age old profession of veterinary medicine has gone through many changes through the centuries.  Once a career involving primarily the treatment of sick food animals, today the care of companion animals and other four-legged athletes are of great importance and their health demand our attention.

Research and development of improved techniques, sophisticated instruments, specialized feeds and new medications help veterinarians provide the best possible care for all animals.  For clients, the areas of preventative care and general good health maintenance requires an education on their part. Time and money are saved with a well informed horse owner.

With the internet, we can provide and disseminate a wealth of information regarding good guidelines for the care of your horse.  This website product is the result of  our attempts to inform and guide.  We will be posting current and timely articles, useful links, interviews, dates for seminars, owner tips and equine news.  “For the good of the horse”, use all information wisely and enjoy the results!