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Useful Links

AVDC – The American Veterinary Dental College has 18 equine dental specialists. Their locations and qualifications are listed on the AVDC website along with valuable information regarding client education and referral to specialists–both small animal and equine. Dr. Jack Easley is one of 12 equine veterinarians in the US who is board certified as a dental specialist.

AAEP – American Association of Equine Practitioners –  Where the horse vets go for the latest information.  There is a ‘Horse Owners’ section to help keep you up to date on information relating to diseases, a monthly ‘Ask the Vet’ section, calendar of events, and how to help the ‘Unwanted Horse Veterinary Campaign’.  This association is made up of dedicated men and women who represent a broad range of equine disciplines.  Nearly 10,000 veterinarians and veterinary students in 61 countries are members of the AAEP.

KVMA – Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association – See what’s on the minds of the veterinarians of Kentucky.  Your state’s Veterinary Medical Association is a great way to keep informed about veterinary and public health issues in your state.

AVMA – The American Veterinary Medical Association – An excellent source of information regarding emerging diseases and public health issues, what to do in the event of an emergency, and where to go to find the latest and most updated information on accepted animal welfare practices.

AQHA – American Quarter Horse Association – For America’s most popular horse, a site for the newest information relating to the Quarter Horse industry.  Register your horse here, find a list of shows in your area, go shopping.  Learn what Quarter horse owners are doing to better the breed and the bond between humans and horses.

KYQHA – The Kentucky Quarter Horse Association – This is the statewide breed association that keeps updated lists of horse shows, trail rides, and regulations affecting the Quarter Horse industry.

The Horse – This website corresponds to the monthly publication from the AAEP.  A well organized site that has past issues of ‘The Horse’ publications, refreshers on anatomy and disease processes, as well as videos of webinars and How To’s (Check out Jack Easley in a 2008 interview).

Equus – A great everyday resource!  Equus is full of information from barn safety and management, exercises for you and your horse, product reviews, as well as a great series on conformation and how it affects your horse.

Equine Dental Vets – An Australian website designed to make available, a world-wide directory of qualified equine veterinarians who provide dental services. This website serves as an educational tool for veterinarians and horse owners detailing excellent information regarding horse care, particularly as it relates to the oral cavity, teeth, and sinuses.

Unwanted Horse Coalition – One of the biggest issues facing the equine population today.  Learn about the mission of the UHC, as well as what you should evaluate about before buying a horse, details you should consider as a horse owner, and where you can go to get help or volunteer.

American Horse Council – The horse’s voice in Washington!  The website to access details of horse issues presented before our law makers. Find legislation relating to your favorite equine activities, including racing, showing and trail riding.  A excellent way to educate yourself on laws that affect you and your horse.

Kentucky Horse Council –  Working at the state level, find out how to let your senators and representatives know how you feel about the laws they are putting into effect.  Keep track of who’s voting for what.

KAEP – Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners – Learn about the constitution and bylaws that govern the equine veterinarians of this great state.

Gluck Equine Research Center – Based out of the University of Kentucky, the Gluck Center is the premier place for research about equine genetics, as well as infectious diseases, immunology, and the musculoskeletal system.  Find out what equine researchers are studying and testing.  (Dr. Easley is currently involved in parrot mouth research with the Gluck Center).

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