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Veterinary Education

For over 25 years, Jack Easley has devoted passionate time and energy to education–not only of himself but colleagues with an interest in equine densitry.  Sharing his knowledge and expertise and teaching with a “hands-on” approach, Dr. Easley has encouraged the equine profession to embrace the discipline of dentistry as it was intended–with a background of formal education as a veterinarian.  Four years of veterinary school, an internship and a 4 year residency provided only a beginning in the challenging field of equine dentistry for Easley.

As a practice base in Shelbyville, KY, Equine Veterinary Practice, LLC, offers internships to veterinary students and externships to veterinarians throughout the world.  Those interesed in equine dentistry travel to The Bluegrass to spend time assisting and learning. With each association, Jack gains as much from others as they do him–through interaction, study and everyday dental experiences.   Through interns and externs, the world comes to Kentucky but Dr. Easley also has had the opportunity to travel to six continents teaching with friends and veterinary colleagues.  Their concerted efforts encourage and train those interested in the equine oral cavity.

The first formal veterinary textbook focusing solely on equine dentistry was co-authored by Easley and Gordon Baker in 1999.  It was translated in Spanish and German and has now undergone two revisions, with the latest edition being released September 2010 (Elsevier).  The new edition brings on board, Drs. Padraic Dixon and James Schumacher as editors and primary contributors.  The text is a compilation of a wide range of topics discussed by world-renowned experts in the field of equine dentistry.  It is considered an essential tool in the management–clinical and technical, of all equine dental problems.

Professionally, the focus of equine dentistry, should continue as a career of lifetime learning.  The health and welfare of the horse is primary through the dedicated efforts of veterinarians with an interest in the field of equine dentistry. Dr. Easley is constantly involved in teaching others at seminars or conducting interviews in order to progress the field of equine dentistry.